Special  lecturer  by professor  Nissar Ahmed  Khan(AMU) on 7th August 2017 at 3:30  pm and 8th August at 9:30am

Syllabus for P.G Entrance 2017
Call for Ten days Workshop on Basic & Applied Econometrics

Established in 1966, our Department is one of the oldest in the University of Kashmir. The major objectives of our Department are to impart quality education to its students from all sections of the society, to conduct innovative and empirical research on various aspects of J&K economy, to provide policy inputs to the government and help in the economic development of the state and to supply skilled human resource to various organizations at national / state level....more

"To engage in the pursuit of knowledge; and serving human society in general and  growth and development of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in particular, especially through the creative use of inter-disciplinary approaches and technology."

" to achieve and sustain academic excellence as one of the leading departments by providing the opportunities for personal growth and development, skill enhancement or professional job advancement through the provision of high quality education and research to individuals who wish to make career in the field of economics."

To achieve the stated mission, the School has formulated the following Goals:

  • To achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision-making;
  • To enable the students to acquire knowledge, enrich skills and develop right attitudes and ideologies through a carefully integrated curriculum of business, ethics and technology that will lead to satisfaction and productivity in their chosen careers; and
  • To recruit, retain and develop quality faculty.

The core values of faculty, staff, and students together and contribute to realization of its vision and mission include:

  • collaboration and respect;
  • academic freedom and intellectual rigor.
  • institutional integrity and service;
  • access, affordability, and excellence;
  • active learning and discovery;
  • diversity, fairness, and equity;
  • innovation and empowerment;
  • accountability; and
  • sustainability.