List of Scholars Registered with the Department of Economics for M. Phil/Ph.D.


Name of the Scholar


Topic of Research

Degree Awarded


Mohammad Yaseen Waggay (M.Phil)

Dr. Effat Yasmin

Economics of Fisheries in J&K: A Case study of District Anantnag



 Fayaz Ahmad(M.Phil)

Dr. Effat Yasmin

Economics of Small Scale Industrial Sector in J&K--- A case study of District Budgam

 Degree Awarded on 03-09-2012


Ab. Hamid Mir   (Ph.D)

Prof. A. S. Bhat

Human Development Among Various Social Groups In Kashmir Valley: A Micro Study

 Degree Awarded on 20-05-2015


Mudasir Ahmad         (Ph.D)

Prof. A. S. Bhat

Productivity Analysis of Micro, Small and  Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Jammu and Kashmir.



Showkat Anwar Bhat (Ph.D)

Prof. G. M. Bhat

Multidimensional Aspects of Poverty Among Schedule Tribes Of Kashmir— A Case Study of Distt. Anantnag.              

 Degree Awarded on 26-2-2013


Sumaya Shabir (Ph.D)

Prof. Nisar Ali

Globalization Process and Its Impact on Income Distribution in India.



Arshad Hussain Bhat (Ph.D)

Prof. G. M. Bhat

Inter-District Comparison of Women Participation in Farm Activities in Rural Kashmir.

 Degree Awarded on 28-06-2014


Aasif Hussain Nengroo (Ph.D)

Prof. G. M. Bhat

Inter-District Comparison Of Child Labour In the Carpet Weaving Industry of Kashmir--- A Micro Study

 Degree Awarded on 25-03-2015


Bilal Ahmad Sheikh      ( Ph.D)

Dr. Imtiyaz-ul-Haq

Growth Dynamics And Structural Transformation in Jammu And Kashmir Economy (1981-2011)

 Degree Awarded on 07-09-2015


Naseer Hussain Bazaz (Ph.D)

Dr. Imtiyaz-ul-Haq

Performance of Agricultural Sector In Jammu And Kashmir State. An Analysis Of Regional Variations.

 Degree Awarded on 09-08-2014


Nazir Ahmad Sofi (Ph.D)

Prof. G. M. Bhat               

Impact of Hydro Electricity on the Economy of Jammu and Kashmir State




Naureen Keng (M.Phil)

Dr. Effat Yasmin               

Microeconomic and Economic Empowerment                 Of Women In J&K with a special reference to District Srinagar.



Mohammad  Latief Khan (M.Phil)

Dr. Effat Yasmin

Economics Of Education: A Case Study Of Mid Day Meal Programme In Block Kakapora of District  Pulwama.



Rashid Rasheed Wani ( M.Phil)

Dr. Imtiyaz-Ul-Haq

An Economic Evaluation of Swaranjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana in Kashmir Valley—A Case Study of Block Kulgam.

 Degree Awarded on 18-07-2013


Bilal Ahmad Dar (M.Phil)

Dr. Imtiyaz-Ul-Haq

Status & viability of wood based Industry in District Anantnag with special reference to Cricket Bat Industry.

 Degree Awarded on 18-07-2015


Shazia Hamid (M.Phil)

Dr. Imtiyaz-Ul-Haq

Economic Potential of Handicraft Sector In J&K With Special Reference To Shawl Industry In District Srinagar.]

 Degree Awarded on 17-12-13


Irfan Ah. Thoker  (M.Phil)

Bashir Ah. Bhat

Impact Of Janani Suraksha Yojana  on Utilization Of Reproductive And Child Health Services In Jammu  And Kashmir--- A Case Study Of District Pulwama.

 Degree Awarded on 31-05-2014


Mir Mohammad Ayaz (M.Phil)

Syed Khurshid Ah.

An Economic Appraisal of Untied Funds In Jammu & Kashmir—A Micro Study.



Latief Ahmad Bhat ( M.Phil)

Prof. G. M. Bhat               

The Dynamism of Education To Work Transition In Jammu & Kashmir--- A Case Study of District Pulwama.

 20. Peerzada Abdul Majid   (M.Phil) Prof.. Effat Yasmin  Implementation of NREGA in J & K :- A case study. Degree Awarded on 20-03-2013 
 21. Javid Ahmad Bhat (M.Phil) Prof. Nisar Ali  Problem of Fruit Marketing : A case of Apple Industry in Kashmir. Degree Awarded on 13-10-2012 
 22.  Naseer Hussain Bazar (M.phil)  Prof. Bashir Ahmad Khan  A Comparative study of trends in production & productivity of Major Food crops in J & K, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh  Degree Awarded on 26-09-2011
 23.  Mrs. Samira Khan (Ph.D) Prof. Nisar Ali Trade off between Tourism & Environment : A case study of Kashmir valley  Degree Awarded on 25-10-2014
 24  Mudasir Afshan  (Ph.D) Prof. Nisar Ali Structural Transformation  & Economic Growth- A Comparative study of J & K State & other Northern States  Degree Awarded on 28-06-2014
 25  Shabir Ahmad Padder  (Ph.D) Prof. G.M.Bhat  Appraisal of Post 1999 Rural Development Programme in District Anantnag.  Degree Awarded on 15-07-2014
 26  Javaid Ahmad Bhat  (Ph.D) Prof. Effat Yasmin Marketing Efficiency of Apple- A comparative study of J & K & Himachal Pradesh.  
 27  Fayaz Ahmad Bhat  (Ph.D) Prof. Effat Yasmin Economic growth and Income distribution in India- A comparative study selected Northern States  
 28 Mohammad Yaseen Wagay (Ph.D) Prof. Effat Yasmin An Assestment of Tourism infrastructure in Kashmir Valley  
 29  Showkat Ahmad Bhat (M.Phil) Prof. G.M Bhat Dairy Development in J & K with special references to production of millk in District Pulwama.  
 30  Ms. Masrat Rasool (Ph.D) Prof. Effat Yasmin Women empowerment through Microfinance in J & K : A case study of Kashmir Valley.
 31 Mr. Gowhar Ahmad Malik (Ph.D) Prof. Effat Yasmin
The state of Human Deprivation among certin vulnerable groups in J & K - A micro study.  
 32 Mr. Mohammad Younis Malik (Ph.D) Prof. A. S. Bhat Impact of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan on enrolment and Dropout Rations in Kashmir  
 33 Mr. Bilal Ahmad Dar (Ph.D) Dr. Imtiyaz-ul-Haq Performance of sports goods Industry with special reference to cricket Bat Industry in   J & K & Punjab: A comparative study  
 34 Ms. Shazia Hamid (Ph.D) Dr. Imtiyaz-ul-Haq Performance of Carpet Industry in Kashmir Valley.  
 35 Mr. Bashir Ahmad Sofi (Ph.D) Prof. Effat Yasmin Educated Unemployment in Jammu & Kashmir.  

List of Scholars Registered with the Department of Economics for M. Phil/Ph.D.