Name: Jasmeena Bashir

D/O: Mr. Bashir Ahmad Wani

R/O: BadrooKulgam, Jammu and Kashmir. 192232

Date of Joining: 01-12-2018

Area of research: Environmental Economics

Guide: Dr. Md. SarafarzEqubal.

Topic of Research: Economic Valuation of Water Quality Improvements: A Case Study of River Jhelum.

Gist of Research: Water is the most abundant natural resource on the planet, the source of countless ecosystem services and critical to industrial, agricultural, household and recreational activities. However rapid population growth in developing countries has accelerated the pace of urbanization which has resulted in many environmental problems. One of such problems is the decline in the quality of water. The pollution of rivers is an emerging problem. In developing countries as much as 70 percent of industrial waste and 80 percent of domestic waste is said to flow untreated into rivers (World Water Development Report). Among the rivers in Kashmir, river Jhelum is the most contaminated one and has potential of posing a direct challenge to local community. It is one of the major rivers of Kashmir. The river is dying both physically and biologically. The physical deterioration in terms of shrinking its channel, rising of its bed and the biological decaying is reflected in the increase in nutrient levels and the presence of pollution tolerant species of periphyton which intern determines the quality of water. The crisis presented above definitely calls for improvement in the quality of water of the river Jhelum. The present study is an attempt to measure the economic benefits of improvement in water quality of river Jhelum. The preferences of the respondents regarding the improvement in water quality can be elicited through stated valuation methods. Respondent’s decisions play a crucial role for improvement in the water quality of river Jhelum.