List of Ph.D Degrees Awarded.
Sr.No Name of the Scholar Supervisor Topic of Research Year
1 Mehraj Krishan Dhar Prof. B.D.Sharma A study of Agricultural production Pattern with special reference to Orchard in Kashmir valley (J & K)  1980
2  B.A Khan Prof. B.D.Sharma Economics consequences of Land Reforms in the state of Jammu & Kashmir (Srinagar)  1981
3  M.S. Bhatt   A Study of Agricultural Taxation in Jammu & Kashmir with special reference to Post-1947 period  1981
4 Mahmoda Shafi Prof. B.D.Sharma Dynamics of Tourism Industry in Jammu & Kashmir: A case study of Kashmir Valley   1982
5 G.M Bhat Prof. Ab. Wahid A Comparative Study of Costs & Returns from Apple Production in Himanchal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir  1984
6 Dost Mohammad Prof. B.D Sharma Problems of International Liquidity under the Floating Exchange Rate System    1985
7 Shanawaz Alam Prof. B. A. Khan Modernization & Technological Breakthrough in J&K Agriculture  1985
8 A.S.Bhat Prof. Nisar Ali Estimation of Demand Functions for selected cereals and vegetables in Kashmir: A Case Study of Districts Srinagar. 1987
9 Mohammad Shafi Dar Prof. Nisar Ali Food Management Economy in Jammu & Kashmir State  1995
10 Effat Yasmin Prof. M.S. Bhat Astudy of Sales Tax in Jammu & Kashmir 1950-51-1990-91 2000
11 Nissar Ahmad Wani Prof. G.M Bhat Economics Appraisal of Health & Family Welfare Programmes in Jammu & Kashmir State: A case study of Kashmir Valley 2003
12 Tariq Majeed Bhat Prof. D. Mohammad              Economics Liberalization & its Impact on Foreign Direct Investment in India (1991-92-1998-99)  2004
13 G. R. Ghani Prof. Abb. Wahid & Prof. B.A. Dabla Study of Economic & Sociological conditions of the Scavenging Community in the Kashmir Valley  2005
14 Tasleema Bano Prof. B. A. Khan Analytical study of Sales-Profit Relationship in Public Sector Undertaking in Jammu & Kashmir 2006
15 Maheen Mustafa Prof. B. A. Khan Comparative Profitability of Agricultural & Non-Agricultural Operations in Kashmir Agriculture 2006
16 Subaya Basharat Prof. B. A. Khan A Comparative Study of Production Costs & Rreturns of Vegetables Cultivation in District Budgam & Srinagar. 2007
17 Kaeez Fatima Prof. B.A Khan Economics of Cocoon Rearing in Jammu & Kashmir  2008
18 Altaf Hussain Kira Prof. G.M.Bhat Diversification of Banks Risk & Return: A case study of Loan Portfolio of J&K Bank Ltd.  2008
19 Manzoor Ahmed Wani Prof. G.M.Bhat Marketing Management of Horticulture Produce in Jammu &Kashmir State.  2008
20 Rehana Rasool Prof. G.M.Bhat Economic Evaluation of Vegetable and Paddy Cultivation in J & K State: A Case Study of District Budgam 2008
21 Zahida Akhtar Prof. B.A. Khan Economic Appraisal of the working of Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (1976-2004 2008
22 Sabina Ahad Prof. G.M. Bhat Implication of Globlization on Tourism in India 2008
23 Javid Ahmad Bhat Prof. D. Mohammad Indias Major Exports: A Study in Performance, Problems, Potential and Prospects 2009
24  Mohammad Ayoub Prof. D. Mohammad A Study of Economics Dimensions of India's Imports of POL (1981-2001) 2009

List of Ph.D Scholars of Economics 
S.No Name of candidate  Supervisor  BORSE Date  Joining Date of Programme  Status /Date of Award /Viva -Voce/Remarks 
1 Nazir Ahmad Sofi  Prof.G.M.Bhat  2005 2005  No where abouts 
2 kaneez Fatima  Prof.Bashir Ahmad Khan  9/12/2004 29-06-2005 21-11-2009Awarded
3 Shabir Ahmad Padar  Prof .G .M Bhat  12/2/2007 18-06-2011 15-7-2014Awarded
4 Mr.Mudasir  Ahmad  Prof.A.S.Bhat  4/7/2011 6/1/2011 Discontinued  due to govt Job  
5 Mr.Nowshad Ahmad Rather  Prof.Effat Yasmin 4/7/2011 Did not join the Department Got Government Job  
6 Mr.Nisar Ahmad  Mandloo  Dr.Imtiyaz-Ul-Haq  4/7/2011 Did not join the Department Got Government Job  
7 Showkat Anwar Bhat  Prof .G .M Bhat  4/7/2011 6/1/2011 26-12-2013Awarded
8  Mr.Ab Hamid Mir  Prof.A.S.Bhat  4/7/2011 6/1/2011 20-05-2015Awarded
9 Sumaya Shabir  prof.Nissar Ali  4/7/2011 6/1/2011 No where abouts 
10 Ms.Muzamil Jan  Prof.Effat Yasmin 13-11-2014 26-05-2014 Discontinued due toGovernment Job   
11 Mr.Muzafar Gull  Prof.Effat Yasmin 13-11-2014 Did not join the Department Got Government Job  
12 Mr.Rashid Rashid Wani Dr.Imtiyaz-Ul-Haq 13-11-2014 Did not join the Department Got Government Job  
13 Mr.Tawseef Ahmad Malik  Prof.Effat Yasmin  13-11-2014 Did not join the Department Got Government Job  
14 Mr. Wasim Gani Dr. Imtiyaz-ul-Haq  13-11-2014 14-10-2014 Applied for Abeyance 
15 Mr. perzada ab.majid  Prof. Effat Yasmin 13-11-2014 1/9/2014 Discontinued due toGovernment Job   
16 Mr. Irfan Ahmad Thoker  Prof. A.S. Bhat  13-11-2014 Did not join the Department Discontinued due toGovernment Job   
17 Mr. Zahid Hussain Dr. Imtiyaz-ul-Haq  13-11-2014 26-05-2014 Applied for Abeyance
18  Mr.Javid Iqbal Khan  Prof.Effat Yasmin  13-11-2014 1/9/2014 Thesis Submitted 
19 Ms.Masrat Rasool  Prof.Effat Yasmin  13-11-2014 26-05-2014 About to sbmit 
20 Mr.Bilal Ahmad Dar  Dr.Imtiyazul Haq  13-11-2014 26-05-2014 Submitted 
21 Ms.Shazia Hamid  Dr.Imtiyazul Haq  13-11-2014 26-05-2014 yet to submit 
22 bashir Ahmad Sofi Part Time  Prof.Effat Yasmin  13-11-2014 Did not Join the Department Not allowed by parrent department  
23 Mr.Gowher Ahmad Malik Part Time  Prof.Effat Yasmin  13-11-2014 Did not Join the Department Not allowed by parrent department  
24 Mr.Mohd Younis malik     Part Time  Prof.Effat Yasmin  13-11-2014 Did not Join the Department Not allowed by parrent department  
25 Mr.Mohd Yasin Wagay Prof.Effat Yasmin  17-09-2013 10/6/2013 Discontinued due to Govt Job 
26  fayaz Ahmad Bhat  Prof.Effat Yasmin 17-09-2013 10/6/2013 30-04-2016Awarded
27 Mr.Javid Ahmad Bhat  prof.Effat Yasmin  17-09-2013 10/6/2013 Continuee yet to submit  
28  Ms.Samira Khan  Prof.Nissar Ali  23-01-2006 19-06-2006 25-10-2014 Awarded 
29 Mr Asif Hussain Negroo  Prof .G .M Bhat  27-03-2012 4/12/2011 25-03-2015Awarded
30 Arshid Hussain Bhat  Prof .G .M Bhat  27-03-2012 4/12/2011 28-06-2014Awarded
31  Bilal Ahmad Sheikh  Dr.Imtiyazul Haq  27-03-2012 4/12/2011 7/9/2015Awarded
32  Naseer Hussain Bazaz  Dr.Imtiyazul Haq  27-03-2012 4/12/2011 18-07-2014Awarded
33 Mr.Basharat Hussain Bhat  Prof.Effat Yasmin  Integrated Ph.D New  11/1/2016 yet to Register 
34 Mr.Sajad Ahmad  Prof.Effat Yasmin  Integrated Ph.D New  25-04-2016 yet to Register