1. Name: Bashir Ahmad Sofi

2. Area of Research:  Taxation Policy of Public Finance

3. Date of Joining: 19/07/2018

4. Registration Details:

  • BORS Date: 30/12/17, 24/4/18
  • Date of submission of documentation charges fee – 9/04/2018
  • Date of submission of Registration Fee – 21/7/2018

5. Guide: Dr. Effat Yasmeen (Head, Department of Economics)

6. Topic of Research: Tax Regime Transition and profitability of Manufacturing Sector in Jammu and Kashmir.

7. Gist of Research:

The main thrust of the present study will be to find out the impact of transitional shift of tax regime on Profitability of the manufacturing sector of Jammu and Kashmir and to determine which tax system is beneficial to the Industries, Consumers and also to find out the effect of Sales tax, Value Added Tax and Goods and service tax on the Price of the product. This study will also result in finding out the most beneficial system of tax structure which will be suitable means less complicated from the view point of Government and Industries. This study will be useful to traders; manufacturers to analyze its tax burden, at the same time the government will also understand how to generate the revenue through indirect taxes in the Country.

The Jammu & Kashmir economy is undergoing rapid transformation over the years and currently GST may change the economic scenario as it is directly related to various sectors. Although, lot of literature is available on GST transition but each have analyzed its impact on Indian economy by using secondary sources of date.  No systematic study has been conducted till date in Jammu and Kashmir to study the tax regime transition and profitability of manufacturing sector in Jammu and Kashmir and that too by using primary sources of data. So the present study will be novel in its approach which will promote economic efficiency and sustainable long-term economic growth in Jammu and Kashmir with competitive edge in international market.

OBJECTIVES: The present study is proposed with the following objectives:

  1. To study the interaction mechanism between taxation and manufacturing sector in a developing economy.
  2. To study the fiscal significance of tax regime transition in Jammu and Kashmir since 1991.
  3. To explicate upon the administrative difficulties emerging in Jammu and Kashmir during transition from one tax regime to another.
  4. To elaborate upon the impact of transition in tax regime on profitability of manufacturing in Jammu and Kashmir.
  5. To situate GST in the framework which emerges from objectives 1 to 4.
  6. To evaluate general and expert opinion regarding political economy of GST in Jammu and Kashmir.