1. Ten days Workshop on Basic and Applied Econometrics of The Indian Econometric Society (TIES). Organized by Department of Economics, University of Kashmir, Srinagar during 24 May – 02 June 2016


  1. Two day National seminar on Growth & Development in North Western Region; Issues & perspectives on 16-17th March 2016

Extension Lectures 

  • Extension Lecture delivered by Dr. Xavier V.K in the Department of Economics on “Money Matters or Does Not? Inflation targeting: Concerns for GDP Consumption and Investment” today on 21-08-2017

  • Extension lecture by Prof. Nissar Ahmad Khan (AMU) on Topic " Solow Model" on   08-08-2017

  • Extension Lecture by Prof. Nissar Ahmad Khan (AMU) on Topic "Romer Model " on  08-08-2017

  • Extension Lecture by Prof. Nissar Ahmad Khan (AMU) on Topic "A.K.Model "     on  07-08-2017

  • Extension Lecture by Mr.Arjimand Hussain Talib on topic " Neuroecomics : What does it mean for Jammu and Kashmir  on 01-08-2017

  • Extension lecture by Professor Nissar Ali on the Topic " Fiscal Reforms in J&K with special reference  to GST on 25-07-2017

  • Extension Lecture by Mr.Laypal,J(IRS) Assistant Commissioner,Customs and Central Excise Division Ministry of Finance Govt of India on " Proposed GST- Challenges and Opportunities"on 17th of May 2017

  • Extension lecture by Dr.Nitin Arora on Basic issues in Econometrics on 22nd of March 2017

  • Extension Lecture on " Is India Ready for full Capital Account Convertibility" by Prof. Nisar A. Khan, Head, Department of Economics, AMU, Aligarh on 10th November, 2015.

  • Extension Lecture on "Growing unemployment in J & K and possible solution" by Dr. Ali Mehdi of Indian Council for Research on 31st October 2015. 

  • Extension lecture on " Econometrics of Qualitative  and Limited Dependent Variable" By Prof. S. Madheswaran  (ISEC), Bangalore on 13-10-2015 

  • Extension lecture on  Innovation and Economic Development -Micro and Macro economic perespective by Dr.Saradindu  Bhaduri of The school of Social Sciences JNU on 09-07-2015.

  • Extension Lecture on Econometrics of Qualitative & limited Dependent Variables by Prof S. Madheswaran, ISEC, Bangalore on 13th October, 2015.

  • Extension Lecture on "Census Info & Dev. Info" by Mr. Omprakas on 5th August, 2015

  • Extension lecture on Research Methodology by Javaid Ahmad Reshi on 22nd December, 2014.

  • Extension lecture on "India-West Asia Economic Interface delivered by Dr. Arif H. Rizvi on 28th June, 2014.

  • Extension lecture on "Perspectives of Economic Planning in India" by Dr.. Alka Parikh on 20th May, 2014.

  • Extension lecture on "Economics, as if values mattered: Revisiting traditional Kashmir Economy" by Dr. Maroof Shah on 23rd November, 2013.

  • Extension lecture on "Microeconomis" delivered by Prof. Bashir Ahmad Khan on 20th, November, 2013.

  • Extension lecture on "Science & Economics of Indus Water Treaty" delivered by Prof. Shakeel Ahmad Ramshoo on 16th, November, 2013.

  • Extension lecture on "J & K Economy-Problems & Prospects" delivered by Prof. Nisar Ali, Advisor, Higher Education on 2nd November, 2013.

  • Extension lecture on "Local Economy in new Age Banking" delivered by Mr. Sajjad Bazaz, Editor Corporate on 9th November, 2013.

  • Extension Lecture on "J & K's fiscal situation:Post Raghuram Panel Scenarios" delivered by Mr. Arjumand Hussain Talib on 26th November, 2013.

  • Extension lecture on " Growth profile of J & K Economy" delivered by Prof. Dost Mohammad on 11th November, 2013.

  • One Day Orientation programme for Aspirants of Assistant Professorship in Higher Education on  19th November 2016 

  •  Four Days work shop on Census Data  and CS Pro from 28 September to 01 October-2015 by Ms Shagufta Nasreen Bhat ORGI New Delhi.

  • Two week's National Training Programme of Basic Demographic Techniques in collaboration with GOI, Ministry of Home Affairs from July 27th to 7th August 2015

  • One week workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences in collaboration with Human Resource Development Centre, University of Kashmir from 12th  to 18th September 2015.

  • One day Economic Survey outreach session by Dr. Arwind Subramanian, Cheif Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance GOI on 20th May 2015.

  • One Week National Workshop on Empirical Research Using Micro Level Data of NSSO in Collaboration with MOSPI from March 30th to April 5th ,2015

    • Five day's workshop on Extraction Transformation Processing & Presentation of Micro-Level data of NSSO & ASI from 12th to 16th June 2014.

  • 10 day's workshop on Quantitative Techniques in Social & Allied Sciences from 16th to 25th December 2013.

Guest Lectures series during the Academic session 2015
    1. Guest Lectures delivered by Prof. Nissar A. Khan, Head Department of Economics, AMU, Aligarh on   Macroeconomics from Nov-Dec 2015

      1. Guest Lectures deliver by Ms. Seher Iqbal on "Development Economics lecture series" from Nov-Dec, 2015.

      1. Guest Lectures deliver by Prof. Dost Mohammad on International Finance from Nov-Dec, 2015